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Main Veg

Paneer Bhurji N
Scrambled homemade cheese with mixed peppers

Matar Paneer
Cubes of homemade cottage cheese cooked with fresh garden peas in a thick curry

Palak Paneer
Cubes of homemade cottage cheese, cooked with spinach in a fiery recipe

Shahi Paneer N
Paneer cooked in a tomato and cashew nut sauce

Bombay Aloo
Baby potatoes cooked in a rich thick sauce

Mixed Vegetable Sabji
Variety of mixed vegetable and peppers cooked in a thick sauce

Malai Kofta
Marrow and coriander in a creamy sauce

Tinda Masala
Indian sliced round gourd with dry spices in a curry

Aloo Baingan
Potato and aubergine curry

Aloo Gobi
Potato and cauliflower curry

Bhindi Dopiyaza
Okra cooked in a traditional Punjabi recipe with cumin and onions

Tarka Daal
Mixture of Black lentils in a fine onion and cumin tempering

Rajma Ki Daal
Kidney bean and a mixture of black lentils curry

Daal Makhani
Black lentils spiced with ginger and garnished with fresh cream

Chole Daal
Chickpea lentil cooked in a Punjabi tomato-onion masala

Plain Pilau
Plain white boiled Basmati rice

Mixed Vegetable Pilau
Peas, cumin seed and vegetables made in long grain Basmati rice

Jeera Pilau
Jeera cooked with Basmati rice

Vegetable Biryani
Mixed vegetables cooked with basmati rice infused with ground spices

Yoghurt with onions, cucumber and tomatoes mixed with ground spices

Bhoondi Raita
Yoghurt containing sweetened chick pea flour and ground spices

Cucumber Raita
Plain yoghurt with spices and cucumber

Bhalla Dahi
Yoghurt with spices and little balls made from spices and minced vegetables

Dhanya Naan G
Bread, sprinkled with fresh coriander

Bhatura G
Deep fried Bread

Roti G
Chapatti baked on a hot plate

Puri G
Wheat fried bread

N Items may contain Nuts or Traces of Nuts
G Denotes items containing wheat or gluten