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Rasmalai N
Sugary white, cream balls of paneer soaked in clotted cream flavoured with cardamom

Gulaab Jaman
A ball of milk solids, deep fried, dipped into a sugar syrup flavoured with cardamom

Gujrella N
Carrots cooked in milk and almonds

Kulfi N
Sweet milk and double cream, flavoured with dried fruits and garnished with ground cardamom and pistachio nuts

Ice Cream
Milk and cream combined with fruits and flavours

Zarda GN
Rice with milk and sugar, and flavoured with cardamoms, raisins, saffron and pistachios

Kheer N
Slow cooked rice pudding made using almonds and coconut

Fruit Cocktail
Selection of fruits served in a syrup

N Items may contain Nuts or Traces of Nuts
G Denotes items containing wheat or gluten